Nightmare Man - 2020 / 2021


My involvement: Penciler, Inker, Colorist, Cover.

Stumbling through the trials of middle age, Alex is confronted by memories of torturous childhood nightmares. After seeing a horrific character from his past at a cafe, he is encouraged by his therapist to confront the doppelgänger and get over his fears, Alex comes face to face with his own personal Nightmare Man.


Little Things - 2020


My involvement: Penciler, Inker, Cover.

Growing up is never easy. The pain of losing friends never goes away. Left behind in a town where the only people you recognize are the “crazies”, set free from the old insane asylum.

A folktale of American suburbia, gone all too wrong.


Viral Times - 2020


My involvement: Co- Creator, Penciler, Inker, Colorist, Cover.

Crash! On the run, injured, in a world unknown. The Galactic Adventurer Mote, will stop at nothing to obtain the cure for his child. Join this suspenseful adventure of survival, love, and non-stop alien ray-gun action!


Early Red - 2020


My involvement: Creator, Writer, Penciler, Inker, Colorist, Cover.

Red is a rogue agent who will stop at nothing to get what she wants. In a high-tension meetup to make a lucrative trade, she finds herself quickly choosing love over the deal. It's the bloody, brutal, and savage thriller that will leave you rooting for her getaway.


Two More To Go - 2019


My involvement: Co- Creator, Penciler, Inker, Colorist, Cover.

A farm in the middle of nowhere. A family full of tragedy and secrets. Following the suspicious death of Eddie’s mother he is left to live on the farm with only his father. Secluded while accusations and tensions build make for a wild “whodunit” mystery scare.


Savage Dawn - 2019


My involvement: Co- Creator, Penciler, Inker, Colorist, Cover.

What if we went back in time? Leaving our current technology for the Paleolithic Era to master, and it’s how we survived. When the technology can’t stop you, the only thing we have left is ourselves, but we can’t be trusted. 

In this sci-fi time tale, find out how far humans will go to reach the past to assemble a new future.


The Deviation Vivid - 2018


My involvement: Creator, Penciler, Inker, Cover.

Vivid is a powerful alt-human known as a Deviation. Fighting the corruption and the bio-engineered monsters most Deviations are. She is thrown in the middle of a police quarantine and termination, a young girl is needlessly gunned down on a subway which sends Vivid into an all out war against everything that is wrong with her world. 


Deviation - 2017


My involvement: Creator, Penciler, Inker, Cover.

Deviation is the prelude to Vivid. It’s Halloween, a man stops at his local convenience store to pick up a drink before heading to the party of the season. The store owner is unable to cash him out as she was an early contractor of the Deviation virus.

This spooky thrill is not only is the first appearance of Vivid, but a creepy tale that would rival those of the crypt keeper. 



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