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May Edition - MAYHEM!!

The Quarantine has really put a damper on comedy. For months nobody has walked into a bar... I'm told my comics are better than my jokes! Nonetheless, I hope everyone is having a kickass month!

Finished a few freelance projects recently, so your boy is free to work on Dieback to his heart's content. Couldn’t be more thrilled about it! This month would’ve been Free Comic Book Day 2021, so in celebration of FCBD, I have a short story comic I did recently below titled, Your Time.


The Eternal Dieback!

I'm in the midst of inking the book! It's been so much fun to finally put the finishes on all these drawings! We've sent some of the pages to the colorist and hope to be building the Kickstarter page soon! More details to come.

Here are just a couple of the pages I finished Inking recently!

THE ETERNAL DIEBACK follows a guardian creature of the underworld, Dieback is awoken by an evil Witch who bends his will to set him on a journey to assassinate a rival magical being. In a fantastical war of the ages, the journey will take us from the depths of the underworld, through a dragon, battling unbelievable creatures, and into the impossible. Dieback is dark fantasy slammed into high-octane action set in a gritty magical world! Exclusive first for the Roweverse!

Stay updated on all things Dieback on Instagram and Twitter and Youtube Launching this Spring on Kickstarter!


l will be competing in the Platform Comics 10K Comic Challenge this month. It consists of developing a short comic within one week's time.

The last time I participated in this was back in 2018 with a story called Home Day.


Got the chance to work on a 1 page comic with writer Sam Davies, of the acclaimed comic, The Depraved.

He gave me a variety of 1-page stories to choose from. It all started with a Twitter trend and my fascination to experiment with different art techniques, please enjoy.

Your Time. Written by Sam Davies, Art by Matt Rowe.

I’ll be posting a premier process video on the creation of this comic on my Youtube channel later this month so be sure to subscribe!

Check out more of my work at Cheers!


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