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Fall Edition - SZN Round-Up!

Hey All!

Matt Rowe coming at you from The Roweverse. This will be a big update so strap in or strap on! I’ll be covering the success of The Eternal Dieback campaign, production, Kinphantom, other ongoing projects, and so much more!

This season has been a busy one! With the conclusion of the Dieback Kickstarter, I dove into high-productivity mode.


The Eternal Dieback On Kickstarter!

We had a phenomenally amazing campaign!! Dieback hit over 240 Backers! Passing our goal in the final week! All the hard work and outreach has cultivated an even stronger universe with many new connections and opportunities. For those of you who have backed, the book is in the final stages of production, I’m at the end of the short backup story in the issue, and then it’s off to the printers! So Exciting!!

We’re working closely with a local printer to assure premium finishes. I’ve been getting a lot of questions regarding buying the book since the campaign ended, and I will have additional books for purchase in my shop once I have fulfilled all backers of the campaign. Stay tuned for that.


“Some Dead Men Tell Tales”

This character has been strenuous work for me but one I couldn’t be more proud of. The Mad Kinphantom will be showcased in the back of The Eternal Dieback with a separate short story that will detail his place in the Roweverse, and folks, the universe has gotten a whole lot bigger! Check out some concepts for this project below!!

The balance of talking about these upcoming projects without revealing too much is always a struggle.


A savage pirate story with the notoriously horror-tastic writer Matthew Wilding! We’ll be heading to Kickstarter with it in early 2022. Free Hands is something we’ve been working on for a while behind the scenes and we couldn’t be more excited to start sharing

Here are some raw ink scans for your eyeballs!


Later this month I’ll be on Youtubes Graphic Vandalism, The Pink Buzz talk show. We’ll be discussing all things comics. Airing November 25th @9pm. I’ll post links on my social media, so stay tuned for that!

You can check them out here until then. HERE


Finally, I have a solo Graphic Novel (I think) in the works. It’s still in the early development phase but it’s something I want to put on your radar, I think it’ll be a fun thing to exclusively show off on this monthly newsletter for the time being.

I’m code-naming it SGT because I am overly protective about the title. But it's a fun pulp story, that follows a colorful character in a unique world. As I said, it’s still early. But look out for more SGT!


Again THANK YOU everyone for following the Roweverse! I hope you're as excited for DIEBACK'S FIRST ISSUE! as I am! He's really going to be a sight to see, and something you'll likely fall in love with!

Check out some of the stories at Cheers!

That's all for now, thanks for following along!

From The Most Electrifying Man In Sequential Entertainment!

-Matt Rowe


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