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March Edition - Marching Along...Ha

First of all, thank you to everyone who picked up NIGHTMARE MAN, I am beyond stoked about the reception of the book, more on that below. I’d also like to welcome our newcomers from the campaign and various social platforms, you all make this possible!


Are you ready?

Introducing The Mythical, The Unkillable, The Eternal... DIEBACK!!

Yes, I’m finally putting this beast into the wild. Slightly, you folks have the exclusive!

From the depths of the underworld, a once three-headed guardian is awoken and enlisted in a war of sorcery as a hitman. His mission? Kill the impossible.

The script is wrapped up and I’m well into the art of the first issue. This is a project I’ve been gearing up to do for a while now, I’ll be releasing some concept sketches and preliminary work on my Instagram and Twitter in the coming days and weeks, be sure to follow along there as well.

It'll be launching this Spring on Kickstarter.


Nightmare Man was fully funded through our Kickstarter and my sources tell me all the books have been shipped, many of you have reached out with comments and feedback or just to share your excitement which has been amazing! Down in my bunker, It’s what's kept me moving my pencil in these weird times.

I’ve launched a store! It’s hosted through Gumroad, for those of you who missed the Kickstarter you can get Nightmare Man, with a NIGHTMARE SKETCH here.


The Almighty Thor! Just wanted to end this newsletter with a preview of this guy and a THANK YOU! There is so much going on in the world these days, so I just hope this news has brought even a little positivity into your day. It's new-comic-book Wednesday, check out some of the stories at Cheers!


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