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Greetings RoweVerse!

We’re in the midst of Hot Comic Summer and that has never been more true than with the shockwaves of incredible comics making reverberating through the indie comics world! The next exciting installment of Dieback approaches and it is chopping at the bit to be seen!

My collaborative effort is shredding pencil lead and guzzling rum, Free Hands 2 is set to be even more kickass than the first.

With all the scripts and all the art, I find myself at the beginning of a new phase of work, two issue twos on the way, and more to come! Comic making has been great but the immediacy of life can be overwhelming, and it’s summertime, so take the advantage of the moment, and start livin for yourself. L.I.V.I.N!


Oh boy!

The script is complete! It’s a little jagged in some spots, but even with the sharp edges, it’s a damn fine piece of the story. I’ve roughed out the majority of the art and plan to begin penciling on August 1st! The best month of the year, not only is it my birth month, but it is also the month we launched Dieback issue 1! That's right, we’re approaching the one-year anniversary of the not-so-three-headed-creature!

With such a glorious milestone coming I wanted to share a little bit of what we have on the go for the sequel issue! Here are some rough pencils!

The creation of Dieback doesn’t stop at the comic, there are ample elements of the world, characters, and universe to be made. Including the zany story of the Mad Kinphantom. You were given a “comic trailer” for the character in the back of The Eternal Dieback issue 1. He and many of the characters such as Iron Dawn will get full issues throughout the inception of the RoweVerse.

Here is a never before seen pin-up, drawn in digital pencil, starring the guardian of magic and forger of weapons! Iron Dawn!

If you missed out on Dieback and want to get in on the action, I’ve launched an all-new online shop! Thanks to the superb RoweVerse crowd!



Free Hands issue 1 was funded successfully! Big thank you to the many members of RoweVerse that helped drive it home! The digital issue 1 has been released and my collaborator is well on his way to shipping the physical issues of Free Hands Issue 1.

We’ve already had a great reception for this gritty pirate tale and with the next issue slated for the Fall, the anticipation to show you what’s coming from the treachours seas couldn’t be higher!

So here’s a little taste of the pirate goodness! Coming this Fall! Only on Kickstarter!


I said at the top of this, get LIVIN for you, and with so much of the work being long form. I hardly get to adapt and play with new styles, so for myself, I’ve launched a new story that follows a duck escaping from a 1950’s prison with the aid of his future self. It incorporates a lot of fun elements from many of my favorite genres and media. Including things like Twilight Zone, old rubber hose cartoons, and the weird sci-fi of the 1950s.

Here are a couple of rough shots. More to come - unsure of the release plan just yet, will likely just share it here one the monthly RoweVerse News Event!

For more - follow @mattroweart on instagram


That’s all for now, thanks for following along! We have so much more to accomplish and I can’t wait to share it!

Be sure to check out the RoweVerse Comic Shop.


From the most electrifying artist in sequential entertainment!

-Matt Rowe

Check out othe stories at and our new online shop


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