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Hey RoweVerse!

I hope you’re up for some thoughts, It’s been a month since we last spoke, and during that time I’ve gained perspective on the debts I owe. This creative pursuit can be difficult. It’s not for the weary or wavering. Lately, it’s my commitment to the work that's been called into question; to be quite honest I know my difficulties aren't a unique feature, we all have our ups and downs.

What matters is our drive! Our dedication to our personal joys, and our happiness!

As for the debts, I find myself quite thankful for all of you in times of unsureness. I’ve always been a student of the craft, even when I didn’t have a teacher. So, often, with nowhere else to look but your ugly mugs, you’ve shown me the path, time and time again. I’m appreciative of that. Truly!


Free Hands!!

Our collaboration with Sequential Decay is LIVE!

The long-awaited, soon-to-be critically acclaimed gritty pirate adventure! I’ve finished the art on issue 1 and we’ve passed the campaign halfway point excitedly! And we aren’t slowing down! Many members of the RoweVerse have already grabbed a copy, and with only 1 week left of the campaign, I’d encourage you to join this series with our first issue!

We tried to make the jumping-on point as accessible as possible with both the digital and physical story rewards starting at only $5.00! Check it out! Here


Free Hands is a 6-issue historical noir adventure series about the small rebellions, and little victories, often coupled with crimes and violence. While tackling social and cultural struggles still present today, through the lens of the golden age of piracy!

This story follows the insidious Gregor, a pirate, marauder, and enemy of the church in the 18th century. As he recounts murder and mutiny while facing the many dangers living as a pirate brings.

Drawing on the traditions of Treasure Island and Pirates of the Caribbean, and twist-films like Se7en and The Usual Suspects, it is a story strikingly of our time while remaining faithful to its own.

Written by Matthew Wilding - Art by Matt Rowe


The debut first issue was a hella success! The Eternal Dieback part 2 is beginning to pick up steam, blood, and so much more! The RoweVerse is an ever-expanding place and I owe a lot of that to the continued support by you amazing folks!

Check out this wicked new RoweVerse house ad for the upcoming Mad Kinphantom, the first ever pages were in the back of The Eternal Dieback issue 1! This character plays an integral role in the RoweVerse! Keep a watchful eye for the surprises we have in store with Kinphantom and more!

If you missed out on Dieback and want to get in on the action, I’ve launched an all-new online shop! Thanks to the superb RoweVerse crowd!

Dieback issue ll - Valley of Shadows!

The Eternal Dieback 2 script is in the final stages of completion and I’ve started on the storyboards.

After annihilating the vicious savagewood giant, Dieback and company find themselves battling against the elements in part 2, Valley Of Shadows. The forces of Dieback begin a new hunt. For the mysterious Wizard Narok, while volatility grows in the Rot Witch. The omnipotent one, The Dire is evermore dangerous. The horizon looks bleak for mid-realm. Can our not-so-three-headed guardian withstand the battle and forge peace in the carnage-filled Valley?

Much of my time since issue one has been spent developing unique concepts, story elements, drawings, and full illustrations. I’m still working on the rollout, so for now, everything is unfortunately pretty quiet, but be assured you will hear about The Eternal Dieback - Part 2 here, first! Until then! Here are the inks on last month's pencil drawing!


n other news! This year is gearing up to be very... public! If you told young Thew (Matthew) I'd had this many folks happy to chat with me about my work, I'd of told you to walk off a cliff. Couldn't imagine it, many thanks to all the wonderful people I've gotten to chat with! Cheers to the many more I hope come along.

Blakes Buzz Live!

Ya boi will be on Blake's Buzz tonight! 06/29/2022 LIVE on Youtube! You can hit the notify me button here and be sure to subscribe. Blake provides excellent content to the comic community!

Comic Book Yeti!

We appeared on the Cryptid Comic Corner! Amazing name! - a Comic Book Yeti podcast hosted by the phenomenalJimmy Gaspero! We had such a blast speaking about Free Hands and a little bit of RoweVerse! Check it out! (not yet live as of writing this, but lots of other episodes to check out)

Source Point Press & NIghtmare Man! (Code: MAR221902)

We're published, baby!! That's right, head out to your LCS and grab Nightmare Man! It's still available for you to order through your LCS! PREVIEWS CATALOG

Don't take my word for it, check out some of our starred reviews!

Nightmare Man Reviews

Comic Opinions - by Gabriel Hernandez

Comics Book Yeti - by Katie Liggera

The Convention Collective - by Darren Shulman

Pipe Dream Comics - by Alex Thomaser

A Place To Hang Your Cape - by Kayleigh Clark


I appreciate you!

With so much in the works for RoweVerse comics, I just wanted to take this opportunity and thank you all for being part of this! Dieback, Mad Kinphantom, myself, and all the RoweVerse has in store, couldn't do it without the excitement you bring!

Be sure to check out the Free Hands campaign page and the RoweVerse Comic Shop.


From the most electrifying artist in sequential entertainment!

-Matt Rowe

Check out other stories at and our new online shop


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