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This month's electrifying update is brought to you from nowhere else, but the drawing table! Cataloging my work on a monthly basis in these letters has been a blast. Relatably, some months are slow and busy at the same time. For me, much of April and May were just that, slow-moving days that were busy. What follows is what I can share from those days.


Pirates! Cannons! And the treacherous sea! The colors on the last few pages are being finalized, but I’ve been prompted by my over-eager collaborator to share with you the Kickstarter Launch Link! Be sure to hit the notify me button, as many of you know we’re all just fighting the algorithm, and hitting that button will ensure we get a strong start on the platform once we launch early next month!

The art! Since I was unable to give you all the pre-launch link first, I can do one better! Here is an exclusive first look at some of the finished art for Free Hands! A Gritty 18th Century Pirate Adventure!


With the art of issue one completed for the exciting pirate tale, Free Hands. I’m elated to jump back into The Eternal Dieback, Mad Kinphantom, and many more of the RoweVerse creations. These stories have been percolating, and as difficult as they are to bring to life I’m reminded of the excitement my son had at the news of another comic of mine coming out. His “already, that was quick” comment, was funny to me because these things take forever to forge.

Like many creative endeavors, these things don’t happen overnight -- rather over months of nights. I’m continually reminded and proud of his comments because making comics is a damn long process, but when you get to hold these things, it's all worth it.

If you missed out on Dieback and want to get in on the action, I’ve launched an all-new online shop! Thanks to the amazing RoweVerse crowd!

Dieback issue ll - Valley of Shadows!

Our heavy-hitter is conquering the damned in the next chapter of the eternal saga. I’ve read, success is 90% planning and 10% action. I’m not sure if those stats are true… but we are in the planning phase of the next issue. Scripting and sketching. Check out this never before seen Dieback pencil drawing I had kicking around the studio.



With so much on the horizon for RoweVerse comics, I just wanted to take this opportunity and thank you all for being part of this Spectacular Comics Universe!

Be sure to check out the Free Hands campaign page and the RoweVerse Comic Shop.


From the most electrifying artist in sequential entertainment!

-Matt Rowe

Check out some of the stories at and our new online shop


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