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April Edition - Spring And The Road Ahead

Hey, everyone! I hope all is well. We’re at the point in the production where I can see the light at the end of the tunnel, given some ends may be closer than others at the moment.


First of which is, The Eternal Dieback! The art in the book is looking amazing so far! I’ve had to hop on and off this project a few times lately, but every time I get to come back it’s great. Really looking forward to this one!

THE ETERNAL DIEBACK follows a guardian creature of the underworld, Dieback is awoken by an evil Witch who bends his will to set him on a journey to assassinate a rival magical being. In a fantastical war of the ages, the journey will take us from the depths of the underworld, through a dragon, battling unbelievable creatures, and into the impossible.

Dieback is dark fantasy slammed into high-octane action set in a gritty magical world! Check out some of the preview penciled pages below. Exclusive first for the Roweverse!

Stay updated on all things Dieback on Instagram and Twitter Launching this Spring on Kickstarter!


This is one of the other productions I’ve been working on. The title I don’t have the okay to share yet, but the writer Matthew Wilding and I are pitching this wonderfully dramatic series, following a group of pirates in the 1700s and the adventures these corrupt souls go on!

Below are the roughs vs pencils on one of the pages.

I’ve launched a store! It’s hosted through Gumroad, for those of you who missed the Kickstarter you can get Nightmare Man, with a NIGHTMARE SKETCH here.


The Almighty Thor! In last month's newsletter, I shared the pencils with this bad boy. I hope everyone is staying safe and finding enjoyment in these crazy times. Thanks!

Check out some of the stories at Cheers!


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