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June Edition - Gearing Up!



Oh, man! I am amped up this month folks! We have put the peddle to the floor and will be driving ETERNALLY into DIEBACK!

We’ve got a look at Dieback preview pages, exclusive first to the Roweverse Newsletter! Plus! checkout a FREE COMIC! Clap Of Thunder! Again! A Roweverse exclusive!

June has been a hot and hectic month for me, with a lot of drawing, but I hope you’ve all been able to stay cool! We’re fast approaching the Kickstarter Launch date and I can’t thank you all enough for following along on this journey.

QUICK THINGS that help me immensely, LIKE, SHARE, COMMENT, FAVOURITE, RETWEET, REPOST… I’m sure you’ve heard it all before, but the algorithm is out to get me! And it really is how we get The Eternal Dieback out to as many folks as possible!

THE ETERNAL DIEBACK follows a guardian creature of the underworld, Dieback is awoken by an evil Witch who bends his will to set him on a journey to assassinate a rival magical being. In a fantastical war of the ages, the journey will take us from the depths of the underworld, through a dragon, battling unbelievable creatures, and into the impossible.

Dieback is dark fantasy slammed into high-octane action set in a gritty magical world!

Stay updated on all things Dieback on Instagram and Twitter Launching this Summer on Kickstarter!


I've made a private link to my site for a FREE COMIC, only reachable by the Roweverse Newsletter.

Clap Of Thunder follows a group of modern-day pirates in a thrilling adventure comic. With writer Tristan P-H, and artist Matt Rowe, during a 7-day comic challenge. The Platform Comics Challenge gives creatives a unique THEME "Modern Day Pirates", and a LINE OF DIALOGUE, "Why is that dog acting funny?". The adventure takes a twist, and ends with a bang!

Be sure to give it your Fan Rating, and Enjoy!


Again THANK YOU everyone for following the Roweverse! I hope you're as excited for DIEBACK'S FIRST ISSUE! as I am! He's really going to be a sight to see, and something you'll likely fall in love with!

Check out some of the stories at Cheers!


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