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The RoweVerse Dungeon

A Blog Written by Matt Rowe 08/19/2021


I've; wanted to make more blog-type posts lately, so this is my attempt. I know, great hook! With the art first mentality it makes for a feeling of fixation on the task at hand. That, often being the artboard. Turning the idea of blogging secondary, and I'd like to change that.

In this series, I'll discuss the creation of Dieback, the comic, and my experience. Comics being a mysterious medium, I hope these blogs can help open up my world to others trying to make comics or just looking to read a new perspective.

The Logo -

Comic logos are the most underrated part of the project. Logos play a massive role in the storytelling experience, and I will argue that to the grave. 9/10 times someone sees a comic, it's the logo they see first. We all judge books by the cover. A logo can make or break a cover and should match the tone or vibe of the book.

The Eternal Dieback logo was something that took me a few passes to design. I knew I wanted something bold, impactful, and fantastical.

First, the inspiration. Hard to know your goal without a path to follow. Drawing inspiration from the DOOM logo. Large letters on either end of the word made for a symmetrical look that was appealing.

Second, I find a lot of inspiration from old fantasy and sci-fi pulps. Some dynamic and fun designs back when at a time photoshop was non-existent. Next, is the Ryan Stegman and Friends podcast spoke on the King in Black logo. I took inspiration from their conversation.

I then found myself ready to design. I took some sketches into Adobe illustrator and couldn't be happier with it. For those interested, Adobe Fonts has a great package of, to my knowledge, free-use fonts. Prohibition is the font for DIEBACK.

Our Kickstarter is currently LIVE! Be sure to check it out below. We launch 08/17/2021, and run for 30 days!

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Cheers! From The Most Electrifying Man In Sequential Entertainment!

-Matt Rowe

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