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Hello, one and all!

I want to start off by welcoming our new subscribers first because this monthly email event has been growing quite fast. Things have been damn busy around the studio lately. With the Kickstarter release of The Eternal Dieback, with the production of our upcoming gritty pirate adventure Free Hands, and so much more! Let's get into it.


Starting with the not-so-three-headed beast in the room! The Eternal Dieback Kickstarter has been fully fulfilled, excluding the few folks who are missing delivery info (who I’ll be contacting shortly). The Kickstarter was a huge learning experience and an even bigger success! Even with the odd frustrations, it's something I’ve fallen in love with. We’ll definitely be back to crowdfund Dieback ll asap!

If you missed out on Dieback and want to get in on the action, I’ve launched an all-new online shop! Exclusively First for the RoweVerse Newsletter crowd!

With that being said, I’m already into the design and story phase of the next issue. I can’t share much just yet but know it’s going to be a bloody haunting experience!


Next up! I’ve been putting pen to screen a lot with the pirates of Free Hands. Writer Matthew Wilding and I have some special plans in store for the roll-out of this swashbuckling tale! Check out just some of the epic art I've been sailing through below and stay tuned for more FH! This is exclusive to the RoweVerse Newsletter as the release date is still TBD.

Snapshots from various pages. #FH1

Writer Matthew Wilding and I have a lot of upcoming creations for all of you, next month I start working on M.O.T.H our horror-spectral-thriller, sure to leave you on the edge of your seat! I get to do this one in good old black and white ink and could not be more excited for it.

On top of that!

I’m featured in Wildings Small Bites Weird Comics Anthology with a story called Among Primitives, a 6-page sci-fi short that follows a group of aliens escaping intergalactic genocide that get stranded on a backwards planet. Currently crowdfunding on Zoop. It’s already reached its funding goal in week one so be sure to grab yourself a copy, the book is jam-packed with all sorts of talent!


More on SGT! This one will be a long road, other than right here on the RoweVerse Newsletter I have no plans on sharing updates about this one anywhere else for now. I'm well into the third draft of the first arc and am constantly surprising myself with the depths of this story. My hope is by talking about it here, I'm not only keeping you in the loop but holding on to the excitement of building this new project.


Thank you everyone for following the Roweverse! It's my hope that this universe, this platform, and this family that we're building here, will leave a lasting legacy on comics.

Check out some of the stories at and our new online shop Cheers!

That's all for now, thanks for following along!

From The Most Electrifying Artist In Sequential Entertainment!

-Matt Rowe

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